Grishko "Super Triumph, pre-arch" Pointe Shoe

Grishko 0536

• Last Type: Fouette
• Pre-arched
• U-shaped medium Vamp
• Box: Tapered
• Platform: wider than «Fouette» & «Maya I» for easier balance
• Colour: Pink
• With Drawstring

«Super Triumph» is the pre-arched version of the «Triumph» model and a highly innovative pointe shoe. These pointe shoes are recommended for those have worn Grishko’s «Fouette» or «Maya I» models.  This shoe’s lifespan is 3 times longer than the classical traditional pointe shoes due to the state-of-the-art chemical-free insole materials.

NOTE: Shoes do not come with the satin bands.  Please go to our Dance Shoe Accessories to purchase elastics and bands.

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«Super Triumph» pointe shoes….

 have a lifespan that is 3x longer than the traditional shoes owing to the state-of-the-art chemical free insole materials.
are lightweight due the paste-free construction and the use of thermoformable materials.
 have a box made of natural materials absorbs moisture and is adjustable to any foot arch.
 have pre-arched shanks. 

There are a few benefits to a pre-arched shank construction: 

Allows the break-in process to feel more accurate, predictable and natural-feeling as it works more precisely with the foot from the beginning.
 Reduces stress on the shank and box during the break-in process and can extend the lifespan of the shoe by making the supportive qualities last longer.
 The pre-arched shape of the shank also reduces stress on the foot itself; dancers with medium to high arches can feel the difference immediately; dancers with low arches often find it more natural to reach full pointe in pre-arched shanks.
 Dancers report less stress on the Achilles tendon, feel more lifted and supported, and appreciate the way the pre-arched models highlight their arches.

«Super Triumph» pointe shoes will benefit those who:

 have an “Greek” foot form or those who have a foot form between “Egyptian” and “Greek”.
need more lateral support.  Triumphs have longer, flexible wings due to the elastic paste.

«Super Triumph» pointe shoe data:

 Last type: Fouette
 Pre-arched shanks
•  Box: Tapered
•  Arch: medium to high
•  Platform: wider than «Fouette» and «Maya I» models for easier balance
•  Vamp: U-shaped medium vamp
•  Colour: Pink
•  With Drawstring

Is the pre-arched model for everyone?

Pre-arching can meet the specific needs for some dancers.  For them, this shoe can make a truly significant different to their pointework.  For others, it may be a personal preference.  Every dancer is unique and so is his/her needs. However, whether pre-arched or not, the goal is to find perfect placement (i.e. centered on the platform, neither pulling back nor pushing too far forward).

Is pre-arching a form of “cheating” on the dancer’s way to pointe?

The pre-arched form of the shank does not take the place of good technique and cannot force the dancer into proper pointe placement!  Dancers must use their strength and articulation just as much as they would need in traditional shoes. Sometimes, the pre-arch just gives that little extra to achieve the perfect placement goal.


Please do not break in these pointe shoes!! Breaking in the shanks will damage their supportive properties, rendering it unusable.

Pointe Shoes must never be stored in plastic bags.

These shoes should never be washed or handled with steam.

To keep the box from getting too soft too quickly, let the shoes air dry for a minimum of 24 hours after each use.  For dancers who dance on pointe every day, it is recommended to rotate 2 or 3 pairs of pointe shoes to allow enough drying time between wears.  This will extend the lifetime of the pointe shoes.

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