Grishko "Exam" Demi-Pointe Shoe

Grishko 0512

• Last Type: Grishko-2007
• U-shaped Vamp
• No Shank and very soft box
• Colour: Pink
• Elastic drawstring
• Natural Eco-friendly materials

The "Exam Demi-Pointe" shoe is the first step in transitioning the dancer from the soft ballet shoe to pointes.  They are recommended for foot and ankle strengthening. These shoes should be worn in preparation for pointe work 6 months before beginning to dance en pointe.  Click here to read an article (in english) about the benefits of using demi-pointe shoes.

NOTE: Shoes do not come with the satin bands.  Please go to our Dance Shoe Accessories to purchase elastics and bands.

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The «EXAM Demi-Pointe» shoe is made especially for absolute beginners to pointework and allows a “healthier” transition from the soft ballet shoe to pointes. Please go to the “Attachments” tab to read articles about the benefits of using these shoes. These Demi Pointes were developed for RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) to aid in the preparation of the young dancer’s feet for Pointe work.  The young dancer will start to acclimate to the feeling of dancing in pointe shoes…it will feel strange to dance in shoes with a box around the forefoot.  In fact, this shoe has an extra soft box to ease the introduction while simultaneously developing the forefront and ensuring a stress-free switch to pointework.

It should also be stressed that these shoes do not have a shank so it will not be possible to go onto pointe.  The next step will be the “Alice” pointe shoe where the young dancer will be able to get en pointe….The purpose of these shoes is to provide the introductory first step to pointework by strengthening and preparing the young dancer’s feet and ankles.

Exam Demi Pointe Shoe Data:

  Last type: Grishko-2007
•  Box Shape: Slightly Tapered Box
•  Arch: Any
•  Platform: medium
•  Colour: pink
•  Vamp: U-shape, medium
•  Shank: None
•  Elastic Drawstring


Pointe Shoes or Demi-pointe shoes must never be stored in plastic bags.
These shoes should never be washed or handled with steam.

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Shoe Sole
Full Sole
Pointe Shoe Box Form
Slightly Tapered
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