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Só Dança Child Ballet Shoe Fitting Instructions


How do I find the right size for my child’s So Dança Ballet Shoes?

The right size is dependent on the length and width of your child’s foot.
1. Wearing ballet tights or ballet socks (should be thin socks), stand the child on a piece of
blank paper. Ensure the child is distributing his/her weight evenly on both feet. Draw a line
at the heel of the foot making sure that the pencil/pen is perpendicular to the floor.
2. Draw a second line parallel to the line drawn at the heel at the longest point of the toes
(Figur A). If the second toe is longer than the big toe, take the measurement from the top of
the second toe.
3. While standing and putting weight on the foot, measure the circumference of the foot at the
metatarsal joint (Figur B). This will be the point where the foot is at its widest (Figur C).
4. Refer to the provided chart for “So Dança Child’s Leather Soft Ballet Shoe” using the 2
measurements: foot length, circumference at metatarsal to choose the correct shoe size.
Fitting Tip: We recommend to choose the bigger shoe size or bigger width if the length or
circumference measurements are too close to the higher number in the provided range.
For Example: If your child’s foot measures 134mm in length, it is recommended to choose
a size of eur 25.5 instead of eur 25.




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